Why I follow blogs over other media

I was taking an online course on how to create online courses, and one of the assignments was to suggest pedagogical websites and sources. (That 6 week online course is one reason I have not posted in so long, but that is a totally different story.)

I suggested dy/dan, Dan Meyer’s terrific site. One of the other people taking the course did not understand why I suggested Dan’s site as source of pedagogy.  The following several links will explain that choice.

Dan begins with this posting, on editing a single slide from Darren Kuropatwa.  Dan takes the slide donated from Darren, and reinvents from traditional, “here is the info, find the answer” to “Find the question, interpret the information, and defend your answer”.

Hmm, higher levels of thinking anyone?  Using digital media and digital tools to force thinking and challenge learners to push beyond the school room walls?  Pure Pedagogical Mastery. 

The story did not end with Dan’s pedagogical tour de force.  Jason Dyer takes Dan’s take on Darren’s take on statistics and pushes it even more! Now Jason has taken the  data, changed it so the range and the mean is identical, while leaving the question alone.

What is a learner to do now?  Anyway, Dan posts a follow up to the entire conversation here, allowing anyone  to follow the entire course of the thinking in one post.

Does anyone else marvel at the power in this kind of collaboration? Dan says, “This is the culture of criticism we need.” I agree. The collaboration involved in this series of posts is tremendous.

I need to do more of this.

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