Video Links for Use in the Classroom

Okay, Dan issued a challenge, and since I have spent some time this summer working on just this topic, I thought I would contribute.  I have several different categories.  Statistics, “Gateway”, Physics, Algebra, and DYAV & Personal Development.  Some of these fall under more than one category, but I will only list them in one here. 

I have most of these videos downloaded to iTunes and on my iPod.  On my iPod they are sorted via playlists so I can find them easily.  Connect the iPod component AV cable to my pod, and push play and my class is watching the video over my projector.

I am always looking for new videos, so this is not a complete list.  It is current only through today.

It is a long list, so click for the whole thing.


Algebra Would Save our Lives from The Red Planet

Top 10 Algebra Mistakes

Powers of 10  and a related video – Cosmic Zoom

I will Derive

Mathematicious  & Calculus [ there are many many like this]

Ryan Capes breaks world distance record jumping on a motorcycle – and a time lapse photo found here.  Can you use geogebra and find the equation of the parabola?

Robbie Maddison jumps 360 feet (tons of math in this video!)

Gateway – Senior level class: Mathematics in Finance, Art, Technology, and Health

Julian Beever chalk drawings (anamorphic art)

Julian Beever chalk drawings – Transformer anamorphic art

Julian Beever anamorphic art 3

Julian Beever anamorphic art 4

The Cryptex scene from Da Vinci Code

Ron Eglash – African Fractals from TED Talks

Robert Lang – Computers and Origami from TED Talks

Math in Art  and Math in Art 2

In addition, I downloaded several videos from the Secret Code Breaker site.


Statz for Life

Peter Donnelly – How Statistics fools juries from TED Talks

Michael Shermer – Believing strange things from TED Talks

Emily Oster – Aids in Africa from TED Talks

Chris Jordan – Shocking Statistics in Pictures from TED Talks

Hans Rosling – The Best Stats Visuals you will ever see from TED Talks == STRONGLY RECOMMEND!


Tacoma Narrows News Reel 1 and News Reel 2 (in color)  [note: 2 different videos]

Synchronization – Amazing video using metronomes

Large Hadron Rap

Traveling through the Earth through a tunnel – very interesting facts

DYAV and Personal  [some of these I will use in the classroom, they just don’t fit the above categories]

Of course, DYAV is here  – the channel from Vimeo

The Danger of Reactionary Thinking

Funny Math Problems  – Not classroom necessarily classroom safe unfortunately

Weird Al take on a Dylan song – done completely in Palindromes

Anthropological introduction to YouTube (amazing, but very long)

Randy Pausch Last Lecture (long)

Design – Just how hard it is!

Muppet Movie – Movin’ Right Along (end of year perhaps?)

Learning to Change – Changing to Learn

Taylor Mali – What do teachers make (definitely not for learners)

Talor Mali – The Impotence of Proofreading  (can be used for learners)

Gever Tully – 5 Dangerous things you should let your kids do from TED Talks

Sir Ken Robinson – Schools Kill Creativity from TED Talks

3 thoughts on “Video Links for Use in the Classroom

  1. Being a design fan, I was pleased to see that you have the classic “Powers of 10” vid in your Algebra collection, plus a similar one I had never seen before. You may be pleased to know that The Simpsons spoofed the concept, sending Homer into outer space and then zooming into his brain (or something similar) as it scaled back down. Well worth finding and adding to your list to give the kids a smile.

    Also pleased to see that you adding something of Taylor Mali’s beyond the ‘obvious one’ all teachers are linking to. His proofreading piece (along with many others) are really sharp thinking pieces.

    Great list so far, even if I’m an English teacher type peeking into your math filing cabinet.

  2. @ Christian,
    Thank you for the kind words. I am really trying to think about how I approach and design my lessons. Last year (my first year) I just taught lessons, and because of that I realized that I really do have to design lessons.
    Some of my best thinking on this matter came from looking at Wired Magazine and the adverts for alcohol. They are beautiful. And one has to ask himself why the spend so much effort designing an advert for gin or vodka. The answer is because design is how we sell things and communicate things.

    So, design is how we have to teach things too!

    I remember the Simpsons Episode. I will have to see if I can snag that somehow too! And yes, Taylor Mali is great. The obvious one is for me, but the other is all for the learners.