And So we begin the process

Okay, let’s set the stage first.  My school is a State of NV Model School.  We try things and we do things that other schools don’t so we can always be pushing the envelope of what works, and what doesn’t.  Our principle gives us a good deal of latitude in the issues of curriculum as long as we hit the standards of both the State and the District, and we have some solid research to back up the things we try.

That is the purpose of this first post on this topic.  I wanted to construct a place where other teachers could come to and find a resource for much of the research necessary to accomplish the task that my department has established.

What is that task?

My department is re-writing it’s Alg 1 curriculum to be focused on mastery assessment and mastery teaching of the material.

Whew.  That is a huge task.  We talked about it.  We chewed on it.  And now, during the Summer, we are going to do it.

First off, here is a concise, neat, and altogether well written philosophy of what the process must entail.

Dan’s Guiding Principles for Assessment   I was very upset when Dan posted this, because I had half of our principle written and he scooped me.  My 3 were almost identical to what Dan wrote.

Next, some methods to make it work.  Dan’s Comprehensive Math Assessment

Yes, we are borrowing heavily from Dan’s work.  I am not going to re-write what he did a very good job explaining in his posts and his comments.  READ HIS COMMENTS.  Both the criticisms and his responses and adaptations.

Finally, here are two pages from another teacher name “H.”  He did the same thing in his classes last year.  We are very aware of what H did and did not do, and we are using his suggestions in our writings as well.

Applying Dan’s Assessment system Part I

Applying Dan’s Assessment system Part II

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